Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kalavati: Used and Discarded

Last year, Crown Prince Rahul Gandhi made Kalavati – a Dalit woman from a nondescript village imagein Vidarbha– famous in Parliament and across India, making her a symbol of UPA's governance  challenge.

Guess what, Many months and an election later Kalavati seems to have been relegated to those video-taped recordings of that fiery speech. The local administration in Maharashtra has not fulfilled any of the promises — house, electricity, funds for children's education within 15 days — made by Rahul Gandhi. 

In fact last week, She was not even allowed audience with Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi’s office turned her back saying that the young MP is too busy for an appointment. An disappointed Kalawati says…

“I am here to remind Rahul Gandhi of the promises he made to me, nothing has changed in my life, I continue to live without a house, without healthcare in my village,”


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