Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shoe thrown at Chidambaram

Journalist throws shoe at Chidambaram

Home Minister Chidambaram joined the exclusive club consisting of world leaders such as Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, President Bush, CPM General Secretary Pinnarai Vijayan etc. A shoe was hurled at Home Minister P Chidambaram at a press conference by a journalist Jarnail Singh who works for the daily Dainik Jagran.

Its unfortunate that he missed

After effects of this incident :-

  1. Its rumored that UPA Govt is considering an emergency ordinance requiring all journalist to keep their shoes outside any press conference addressed by UPA Members. for those who insist on wearing shoes special soft shoes will be issued
  2. Considering the fact that Brogues saw sharp increase in Sales after President Bush Shoe-Throwing Incident, One of major shoes manufacturer has claimed that Jarnail Singh has used their brand of shoes. His nearest competitors has filed a writ in court preventing them from making such claims. 
  3. I am still trying to figure out the connection between this incident and cricket as Its rumored that Punjab Government has fired state cricket coach & sales of cricket helmet has suddenly increased

Anyway having said all this and though I am disappointed that Jarnail missed his target, I would have to admit that Chidambaram was dignified in his response.

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No blog has covered about the after fact of "Shoe"case. You are the only who did it. So I liked ur blog and suggested for the contest.