Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Varun speech and secular hypocrisy

In last several days, the Secular Messiahs has worked themselves into a trance over speech of Varun Gandhi. In the frenzy, the secular channels went to town telecasting the tapes sometimes more than 20 times a day. They even lined up a full range of aunties and nephews of Varun Gandhi to condemn him. Some of aunties sounded as if Varun need some serious butt smacking to mend himself, no wonder he is AWOL for last couple of days.

I am not sure what channels are going to achieve from repeated telecast of the tapes? If they are exposing the ugly face of communalism. Constant repetition of the offending message is hardly the best way to fight it unless it is being done to promote certain political interests.

Till date the channels has not explained the source of the CD, which surfaced a full nine days after the actual speech. An analysis of the CD shows 17 cuts proving that it has been spliced and taken out of context and sometimes a voice has been superimposed in parts.

Moreover, the alacrity with which channels went to town telecasting the tapes without any counter checks, is in sharp contrast to their reservations, on allegedly ethical and professional grounds, to airing the tapes allegedly showing MPs accepting cash before the trust vote in Parliament.

Meanwhile, the secular messiahs completely turned a blind eye that congress has decided to nominate Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar for the Lok Sabha elections from Delhi.

For the unaware, Sajjan Kumar was indicted in the official report of the Nanavati Commission of Government of India on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots for instigating mobs to avenge the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Two witnesses, Salawati Kaur and Fota Singh, deposed that Sajjan Kumar addressed a meeting in front of Block A-4 gurdwara in Sultanpuri and gave instructions to kill Sikhs. The inquiry commission found credible evidence against Kumar, however the Indian government decided not to prosecute Sajjan Kumar due to lack of concrete evidence.

The official report of the Nanavati Commission of Government of India on the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots found some 'credible evidence' against Jagdish Tytler. It was also alleged in the court that then member of the Indian Parliament Jagdish Tytler was complaining to his supporters about relatively "small" number of Sikhs killed in his parliamentary constituency Delhi Sadar, which in his opinion had undermined his position in the ruling Indian National Congress party of India.

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Anonymous said...

Vikramjit here again (I had posted a comment on previous article about Gandhi "family name").

During the 1984 riots, I lived in Delhi. I am a first hand witness to how these congress mobs came and mercilessly killed Sikhs. Our Punjabi Hindu brothers hid many Sikhs in their homes, away from murderous Congress mobs. By about noon, BJP/RSS cadres were on the streets fighting the Congress mobs. I later learnt that all RSS shakhas had been asked to put maximum manpower on streets for protection of Sikhs.

Till then, I had no real idea about RSS at all. I had only heard of them. But in those days, we saw some of them, and they were very dedicated.

I say this Congress is the filthiest party in India. How can they sleep at night after what they did to us in 1984. Bastards!