Thursday, January 15, 2009

David Miliband endorses Rahul Gandhi

Congress is out to prove that their PM Candidate Rahul Gandhi is second to none. If Modi can get endorsement from India's Business Leaders, congress has gone a step further. They after taking into consideration their European linkage (Congress was formed by British and is lead by ex Italian) has now managed to get endorsement from British Foreign Secretary David Miliband. 

Perhaps as a prelude to the endorsement he took British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and his 11-member delegation was given a guided tour of Amethi. On his return from Amethi,  Miliband  said

Rahul had a "wide range of qualities" for which he had "high regards."

I am sure the congress high command would be beaming ear to ear for this endorsement from Queensman himself.



Showing off Pets???????


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