Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why Article 355 will not be imposed in Assam...

The Centre seems to have different yardsticks when it comes to evaluating communal violence in states. The home ministry — which sent a couple of 'strong' directives to Orissa and Karnataka — has spared Congress-ruled Assam of any 'strict' missive despite 47 people being killed in communal fighting.

Is it because the perpetrators of the crime is a predominantly Christian organization?

Today, Assam govt accuses NDFB of ethnic cleansing. for the unaware, the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) is a large Christian rebel group fighting for an independent tribal homeland. The purported objective of this outfit is to secure a "sovereign Bodoland" in the areas north of the river Brahmaputra. While the other Bodo groups, such as the Bodo Liberation Tigers (BLT), demanded a separate state within Indian territory for the Bodo people, the NDFB wants a separate country for itself.

The other demand of the NDFB is regarding the script of the Bodo language. Currently the Bodo language is written in Devnagri script; NDFB, whose members are mostly Christians, prefer to use the Roman script.

They also were implicated in the assassination of Bineshwar Brahma, a prominent Hindu activist in Bodoland opposed to the writing of the Bodo language in Roman script.

1. Why is UPA Govt using different yardstick in this case?

2. Why is the secular media crying hoarse about attacks in Karanataka and Orrisa so silent on the key perpetrators in Assam?

3. Why is church in shutting its school in protest against this violence?

4. Where is Pope?

I guess this might be secular violence



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