Monday, September 29, 2008

The Mother Hen Syndrome - Part II

This blog should be read along with my previous blog "The Mother Hen Syndrome"

In a statement fraught with great danger and implications, the Archbishop of Delhi, Vincent Concesso, in an interview to Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advocate, has demanded
Congress president and UPA chief Sonia Gandhi must speak out clearly against the attacks. He also claimed that Sonia Gandhi is not speaking out for the Christians fearing that the Hindutva brigade will attack her on the grounds that she is helping Christians because she is herself one.
I hope Arch Bishop understands the implication of what he is suggesting and desiring. Sonia Gandhi is Chair Person of UPA and leader of party ruling the country. She is is NOT the representative of a group of section of people! She donot (hopefully) take diktats from church and its bishops.

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Anonymous said...

This is in response to your comment posted at another blog on conversion

Where were the fanatic hindu groups when a hindu puja like Chaat Puja was not allowed in Maharastra? Will VHP and Bajrang Dal support Raj Thakeray to protect Marathi identity by harming non-Marathis in Mumbai & Nagpur? If fanatic Hindus are supported to harm converts, fanatic Marathis will see precedent in that and start harming non-marathis in Maharastra.

Will VHP & BD request for ban of english and promote Hindi?

Educated people should know the difference between vote bank politics and real issues.