Saturday, February 09, 2008

An unsung Hero

Baba Amte who fought against caste and religious prejudice and founded clinics for lepers and handicapped children, died in his sleep today at a clinic he founded for the disabled in Chandrapur. He was 93.

Amte was born on Born on 26th December 1914 into a wealthy upper-caste family. Baba Amte has devoted his life to the care and rehabilitation of Leprosy patients, even allowing his body to be used for experiments to grow leprosy germs. His community development project at Anandwan (Forest of Bliss) near Nagpur in Maharashtra, India, is recognised and respected around the world and has done much to dispel prejudice against leprosy victims. Baba Amte also launched the Bharath Jodo (Unite India) movements from Kanayakumari to Kashmir in 1985 and Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh in 1988, with the mission of establishing peace and raising environmental consciousness.

People like Baba Amte are rare in todays India where people are jostling each other for Bharath Ratnas. If there is one person who deserve Bharath Ratna then its Baba Amte.

My Salute for the Great Soul

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