Monday, December 04, 2006

West Bengal: Reverse Land Reforms

If we ask any communist about their single biggest achievement in Last 50 years of their existence in India. The answer will be always be Land Reform. According to Communists, its because of Land Reforms Kerala and Bengal are in better shape. But if Asked why Gujarat and Maharashtra is doing better in spite of not having Land Reforms, you will get a silent Stare. But this is a different issue.

Now it seems that the Communist Govt. is working hard to reverse the Land Reforms. They are busy creating new landlords on the Agricultural Land. In Last 1 year, Communist Government in West Bengal has given thousands of Acres of Prime Agriculture Land to Industrial Groups. The list include:-

1. 5,100 acre to the Salem Group: This will cause eviction of over 225,000 farmers from their agricultural land spread over seven mouzas in South 24-Parganas district.

2. 1,000 acres to Tata Group: for their Automobile Group: Approx. 20,000 Farmers would be Displaced due to this move.

3. Another 1,000 acres in Kharagpur for Tata Metaliks.

4. Infosys: 1000 acres.

5. Haldia chemical hub: 25,000 acres

6. Airport to Raichawk Expressway: 500 acres.

7. Kulpi Mini Port: 3,000 acres

8. Uluberia two-wheeler factory: 400 acres

It is said that in this mad rush for industrialization, Communist Government in West Bengal plan to acquire more than 60,000 Acres of agriculture land will be acquired. All this under the guise that it will provide Employment to the farmers. We would kindly request the Communist Lords to Educate us on "How can anyone even think of the locals, mostly farmers, getting any kind of work in such a highly mechanised unit?" I am waiting for the reaction for One Ms. Brinda Karat who was in fore Front of Sardar Sarovar Agitation.

I remember a statement from Mr. Buddha Months back.
As chief minister I cannot pursue socialism here. We are not fools. So, given the ground reality, we have to invite capitalists for the state’s development,” he said. “We have to bring in private and foreign capital for setting up industries.”
I agree Mr. Buddha you are not a foo, but Neither are We

Image: poster from 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Tebhaga Uprising, “Let the paddy no longer be sown with our blood, our life: fifty years of Tebhaga peasants uprising”, designer: Qayum Chowdhury.

Detailed Report on the
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