Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sexual Harrasment Kerala Ministers Leads by Example

It is a shameful fact that no woman is safe any time of the day in any city in Kerala. The narrow minded and lewd attitude of some men of my state is disgusting. Any woman traveling alone becomes a target of these nasty few. Public transportation can be a nightmare where there is ahigh chance of women being groped or their modest violated. Seems now this behaiviour is spilling over to Airline Travel also with State ministers leading the list of offenders

The latest incident reportedly happened on a Kingfisher flight from Chennai to Kochi on August 3. The victim's husband was quoted on a TV channel saying that the culprit, who originally had a different seat on the substantially empty flight, took one immediately behind the woman when the plane was set for take off. According to him, the man grabbed his wife from behind once the cabin lights were switched off for take off. The lady raised an alarm and told the cabin crew who rushed to her. Other passengers, mostly belonging to Kerala, identified the culprit A MINISTER FROM CURRENT CPM LED GOVERNMENT!!! The passenger list of the airline confirms that the minister alleged to be involved is P J Joseph. It was during the previous CPM led government their state Transport Minister A Neelalohita Dasan Nadar had to resign for sexually harassing IAS official Nalini Netto.

Not to be left behind UDF had infamous Industry Minister, P K Kunhalikutty of icecream parlour sex scandal. He sexually exploited Rejina a minor who worked as a counter girl at the RKS Ice Cream Parlour.

I am not sure how much low Indian Politics can fall? Well what more can we expect froma State Givernment when we have Rapists, Murderers etc in the cabinet.

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